Friday, August 29, 2008


So, what have I been doing since my last update? Enjoying my last days of freedom, for my first year of uni starts Tuesday. And I have to get a job. Gulp.

That said, I'm excited. It's gonna be great.

Other thoughts and news:

The Death of iPod: My iPod is currently dead, and I'll be sending it out to get replaced or fixed soon. For now, though, I'm miserable.

TV Show Pickups: Just as last time around I was happy bout the lovely Toni Collette headlining a TV show, this time there's some more good news. Nathan Fillion will be the lead of Castle this Spring, a dramedy series about a mystery writer who helps out the cops, and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas (the one not from Matchbox Twenty) will be bringing an old favourite back to TV, Cupid! Though with a new cast, it's still looking good.

In Treatment: Watching S1 with my oldest sister who hasn't seen it yet, starting with what she hadn't seen yet, mid-week 3. I'd complete how utterly irritating Paul was in week 3. This was after the characters had been established and just as they begun to really show their dysfunction, before all that nice character development and resolution later on. I guess it was hard to notice cause usually I burn through the series, beginning to end, quite quickly.

Greek 2x01: Watched the season premiere and enjoyed it very much. Very speecherific, though that seemed to be intentional, and a nice homage to Bring It On and (I believe) Ben Hur. Enjoyed the character development here, and while Cappie/Rebecca seemed like a random idea when it was first conceived, they're quickly becoming the best couple on the show. Also, though Evan has always been an ass, there were times when I didn't hate him. In the latter half of S1, though, his character lost all sympathy, and that trend continues in 2x01. If he continues to be this unredeemable, they may have to write him out before S3 or make him a downright villain.

That's it for now!