Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ugly Betty 2x13: A Thousand Words By Friday

(Spoilers for Ugly Betty 2x13, A Thousand Words By Friday)

An interesting episode, though I doubt I'd have been satisfied at all if it had been the strike-forced finale. Loved the idea of Henry out-Tapping Gio, and it was really a great wake-up call to the idea that Henry is perfect and could never be a cad. I like Henry when he shows a bit of a dark side; it makes him much more interesting than the nice but ultimately boring guy we've gotten for over a season now, I'm still rooting for Gio, but Henry showed potential here.

As for the other threads, pretty good. Amanda singing, meh. I like Wilhelmina's sis, so I'm hoping 'the truth' isn't anything huge and disturbing. I do like how, even if they didn't overtly mention it, you could see Sofia's effect on Daniel here really well. Good episode all round, though they've had better.

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