Friday, April 11, 2008


For a while now, I've been taking a look at my life and realising I've been a tad unadventurous. This comes mostly because I've built a bubble around myself, which I don't like the idea of. So, I've decided to take on a challenge. Check out Day Zero to find out the specifics of the project. I've tried to keep mine a mix of bigger and smaller things, but all things I've wanted to get myself to do. As I complete tasks (or complete a step in them, I'll post here and strike it off the sidebar. There are 33 months in the interim, so monthly posts are, for example, marked (0/33) at the moment.

Here's the list in its entirety, based off ones by friend Xandmatt and an excellent one by Triplux, who is on his second. In my second post, I will go through both the items partially already completed (allowed) and those I have completed today, the start date. Following Triplux's example, I've provided 11 alternates - less probable to occur, they will nonetheless work as substitutes if they are completed.


START DATE: Friday, April 11, 2008
END DATE: Friday, January 7, 2011

Personal (24)
1. Get a job
2. Go one week without watching television, using the computer or playing video games. (Excluding school/work)
3. Go one month without eating chips or chocolate
4. Go one month without drinking any pop at all.
5. Have one month where no takeout food is eaten at all.
6. Eat vegetarian for a week
7. Treadmill every day, for no less than twenty minutes, for a week.
8. Dye hair
9. Learn to cook at least 5 dishes (/5)
10. Try 160 new foods (/160)
11. Learn Japanese
12. Try some Thai food.
13. Try a new fruit
14. Try 3 new vegetables (/3)
15. Drink alcohol (seriously) for the first time
16. Attend a party
17. Learn to drive
18. Move away from home
19. Learn to do my laundry and the dishes
20. Get new health card
21. Graduate high school
22. Keep a personal journal for 2 months
23. Try a new restaurant every month (/33)
24. Donate $200 to charity (/200)

Writing/Career (10)

25. Write 5 TV pilots (/5)
26. Write 5 spec scripts (/5)
27. Write at least 1 scripted adaptation (pilot or screenplay), of a book, a comic or some other story.
28. Research therapy
29. Research music management
30. Write a play
31. Write a screenplay
32. Actively watch and study 20 TV episodes (/20)
33. Attend university
34. Listen to at least 10 DVD commentaries (/10).

Arts (25)

35. Continue 'TV Journal' at least until the end of 2008.
36. Watch all of Blind Justice (/13), Eyes (/12), My So-Called Life (/20), and Haunted (/13)
37. Go to ten concerts (/10)
38. Read all volumes of Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' series (/10)
39. Finish 'Colour' by Victoria Finlay
40. Finish 'By the Sword' by Richard Cohen
41. Read entire Ender series by Orson Scott Card (/4-5), Shadow saga (/4-5)
42. Read 'Les Miserables' by Victor Hugo
43. Read 20 non-fiction books (/20)
44. Read at least 40 fiction books (/40).
45. Read at least 3 biographies (/3).
46. Finish reading 2 Jared Diamond books (/2)
47. Watch an episode of Be'Tipul.
48. Watch an episode from 2 different Japanese TV series, non-anime. (/2)
49. Watch all seasons of The Wire (/5)
50. Watch 40 movies (/40)
51. Watch an Akira Kurosawa film.
52. Watch Independent Spirit Nominees (Best Film) for 2000-2010 (/50)
53. Read 'The Way of the Samurai'.
54. Watch 'Paprika'
55. Read 'Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain'
56. Watch at least one movie from each of 8 different languages (/8)
57. Listen to at least 1 new song a day (/1001)
58. Make 5 friends mix CDs (/10)
59. Listen to 20 songs recommended by friends (/20).
60. Attend either SXSW or NXNE

Blog ['The Bringer of Song' / 'Alden is Dead?'] (8)

61. Update The Bringer of Song (or other blog) every day for a month, 3 times (/3)
62. Make a 'Top 10 Albums of the Year' post every year (/3)
63. Write at least 3 showcases a month for tBoS (/99)
64. Write at least one covers post a month (/33)
65. Interview at least one musical artist
66. Reach 200 posts on The Bringer of Song (/200)
67. Update 'Alden is Dead?' at least once a month (/33)
68. Rewatch and review every episode of 'In Treatment' Season one (/43)

Hobbies (15)

69. Read and review one virtual series episode a day for a fortnight (/14)
70. Review four VS scripts in one day.
71. Write at least 20 VS scripts (/20)
72. Co-write at least 6 VS scripts (/6)
73. Try 100Words (
74. Complete NaNoWriMo (
75. Complete a three-chapter fanfiction (/3)
76. Learn basics of playing guitar
77. Sketch something once a week (/33)
78. Write 3 songs (/3)
79. Try voice training and learning to sing
80. Learn genuine tea ceremony and perform it with someone
81. Finish 'Okami'
82. Take a night course in something.
83. Play a game of Risk to the end

Possessions (3)

84. Buy a digital camera
85. Buy a book about 'untranslateable' words, ones with no English clone
86. Buy 10 physical CDs [albums, EPs or singles] (/10).

Travel (4)

87. Visit Ireland
88. Revisit New York
89. Visit a new Canadian province (not Ontario/Quebec)
90. Travel by plane

Random (12)

91. Attend a wedding
92. Vote in a national election
93. Learn to ride a bike
94. Design a board game
95. Take some form of martial arts lessons
96. Learn to meditate
97. Read a dictionary, cover-to-cover
98. Learn self-defense
99. Pray
100. Go rock climbing
101. For every incomplete task after 1001 days, donate $10 to charity

101 DOWN


1. Visit Australia
2. Walk 3 miles in one go
3. Start an annual arts-based charity event
4. See a Waterhouse painting in person
5. See 'Wicked' in stage
6. Write a manuscript for a novel
7. Visit Los Angeles, California
8. Write and illustrate a comic
9. Go to Asia
10. Attend a film festival
11. Acquire and care for a (new) pet

Now, I shall embark on this journey, with whoever reads this following my progress. If not, this is a great organization tool at least.

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